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  1. Repairing Your Garage Door

    by Mass Remodeling

    garagesWhile do-it-yourself upkeep on your garage is great for minor or small issues, including those relating to your garage door, the support of a skilled garage professional ends up being crucial once your garage problem graduates beyond DIY University. As one of your property’s primary points of access, a correctly operating garage door will help ensure security. Obviously, picking a garage professional to do a garage door repair requires doing some homework first.

    NOTE! Any type of garage door repair that involves torsion springs should be left to professionals. The stored energy contained in these springs maims and even kills many would be DIYers every year!

    Here are the Top 5 Things that will lower your Garage Repair Cost:

    Level of Damage to the Door

    The main element that impacts your repair expense is the type of garage door repair and just how extensive the damage is. Minor door damage can often be repaired by the homeowner easily where springs, rollers and opener repairs may require professional help.

    Design of the door

    Your garage style has an effect on the overall expense of repair. Some door designs can be repaired easily because of their simple mechanics; others require a bit more TLC. Old garage door designs might likewise take more of a professional hand because of their more complex mechanics.

    Kind of Components that were used

    The broad variety of materials used in garage doors and detached garage repair can make repairs range from simple to complex. Metal clad doors, for example, are more difficult for the homeowner to repair as compared to plywood or fiber board doors. When looking for garage door repair in the greater Naperville, IL area you can count on DoorsbyRuss Naperville Garage Door Repair.

    Door Finishes

    If you have a fancy custom wood door or an intricate paint job you may be better off calling in a pro from the beginning as matching grains or colors requires considerable skill.

    Service fee

    Service fees are generally comprised of a site visit fee plus materials plus labor. It pays to clearly define upfront, on the phone what you will be expected to pay (as a minimum) for a visit so you have a good idea what you’ll be looking at.

    With these factors in mind, you can have an idea of whether repair will cost you a great deal of money or not. While there are methods to reduce repair expense, make certain that you do not jeopardize your safety and the safety of your belongings for a few dollars of savings. For more ideas and budget friendly ways to make repairs on your garage please go to


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