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  1. Remodeling a Kitchen: Where to start?

    by Mass Remodeling

    A lot of people ask us all the time: how do I begin to gut my kitchen?  Where do I start? Well lucky for you I have the answer in the form of a very informative article.

    “Kitchens remain the most popular room in the house to renovate. It’s a big job, both in terms of cost and the amount of work that gets done, so before you hire a contractor and start bashing down walls there are some important things to do. Check out these beginner tips if you want to remodel a kitchen.

    Think About the Layout

    More than any room in the house, the kitchen needs to be practical and functional. So think about how you use it and make a plan that will suit your needs. Give considerable thought to the layout and assess what will work best for your household. ”

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  2. Repairing Your Garage Door

    by Mass Remodeling

    garagesWhile do-it-yourself upkeep on your garage is great for minor or small issues, including those relating to your garage door, the support of a skilled garage professional ends up being crucial once your garage problem graduates beyond DIY University. As one of your property’s primary points of access, a correctly operating garage door will help ensure security. Obviously, picking a garage professional to do a garage door repair requires doing some homework first.

    NOTE! Any type of garage door repair that involves torsion springs should be left to professionals. The stored energy contained in these springs maims and even kills many would be DIYers every year!

    Here are the Top 5 Things that will lower your Garage Repair Cost:

    Level of Damage to the Door

    The main element that impacts your repair expense is the type of garage door repair and just how extensive the damage is. Minor door damage can often be repaired by the homeowner easily where springs, rollers and opener repairs may require professional help.

    Design of the door

    Your garage style has an effect on the overall expense of repair. Some door designs can be repaired easily because of their simple mechanics; others require a bit more TLC. Old garage door designs might likewise take more of a professional hand because of their more complex mechanics.

    Kind of Components that were used

    The broad variety of materials used in garage doors and detached garage repair can make repairs range from simple to complex. Metal clad doors, for example, are more difficult for the homeowner to repair as compared to plywood or fiber board doors. When looking for garage door repair in the greater Naperville, IL area you can count on DoorsbyRuss Naperville Garage Door Repair.

    Door Finishes

    If you have a fancy custom wood door or an intricate paint job you may be better off calling in a pro from the beginning as matching grains or colors requires considerable skill.

    Service fee

    Service fees are generally comprised of a site visit fee plus materials plus labor. It pays to clearly define upfront, on the phone what you will be expected to pay (as a minimum) for a visit so you have a good idea what you’ll be looking at.

    With these factors in mind, you can have an idea of whether repair will cost you a great deal of money or not. While there are methods to reduce repair expense, make certain that you do not jeopardize your safety and the safety of your belongings for a few dollars of savings. For more ideas and budget friendly ways to make repairs on your garage please go to


  3. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products for Your Kitchen

    by Mass Remodeling

    Lately, I’ve realized how many chemicals were in my cleaning sprays! Not good for the kids or the environment. I checked out this video recently that tells you how you can make your kitchen green clean friendly!

  4. Adding an extra room for your home

    by Mass Remodeling

    kitchenr3modelThere are specific points where you need additional area in your house for different factors. You could be needing a storage area or perhaps added living space. An extra space for any reason can be a fantastic home addition. If you are only on the procedure of constructing your home, or searching for a new one, consider having a reward space.

    Reasons for Home Additions

    Growing family – One of the common factors of many house owners in considering an incentive space is due to growing household. As soon as the variety of relative increased, the size of a room will not be sufficient to accommodate every member.

    Growing Income – Your earnings may be big adequate to construct a home addition for your home. Possibly you would wish to include home entertainment center or transfer to a larger master’s bedroom.

    Growing Requirements – You might have to have a bigger garage for extra vehicle, or bigger kitchen to have more area while food preparation.

    The additional space that you want should be thoroughly prepared as to where you are going to build it. When you desire an additional room for a growing kid, the attic can be renovated and develop into an additional space; or simply construct a new one above the garage.

    Factors to consider in Adding a Perk Space

    A home addition is a terrific way of putting your money into excellent use.

    But prior to moving on with this task, you need to consider some essential facets like the following:.

    The marketplace value of your home within the neighborhood.
    Architectural structure.
    Size and scale of your job.
    Personal inconveniences throughout the construction.
    Time table for the conclusion.
    The level of your commitment in lugging out the job.

    Kinds of Home Additions.

    Visitor Room – When adding an incentive space for your home, you should also consider what kind of space is truly of utmost value. For many home, including an extra space for guests is the topmost priority to allow them to accommodate expected or unexpected visitors into their home at any time.

    Playroom – You do not want your youngsters to go around the living room and make a mess from so you chose to develop a small playroom for them. You can put shelves or cabinets where they can place their toys and story books. You can also make the playroom a research space where your kids can sit comfortably on the floor and do their home works then play afterwards.

    Home entertainment space – It is an area where you can position your entertainment devices like TELEVISION, DVD player, part and others. You can likewise accommodate your prospects in this location where you can have great discussions while seeing your preferred motion pictures or paying attention to your favorite music.

    Aside from these concepts, you can also create other form of bonus room which you can develop from an existing unused area or by constructing a new one.

    A wonderful thing about a bonus offer space which is consisted of throughout the preliminary building is you will be able to finish it by yourself rate. Hiring a contractor is also not necessary because the room is currently there; all you require to do is intend on what you really want to finish with anytime that you depend on it. By having an incentive space, you will certainly also enhance the value of your property once you prepare to sell it in the near future.

    Architectural Considerations.

    When you have actually established your financial resources and all set to do the task, you must likewise think about the architectural structure of your incentive room.

    The room should have the size as well as the scale which can aesthetically blend with the existing home or maybe improve its appearance. There are times that homeowners have the tendency to get lugged away by including unneeded area in the reward room without considering its outdoors look.

    Home buyers generally think about the outside look of a property then the rest will certainly follow. You need to keep not just the interior but many of all the outside aesthetics if you desire to enhance the resale value of your home. Sidings, windows, rooflines, doors and elevations are among the visual factors to consider when adding a benefit room to your home.

    If you are just on the process of building your home, or trying to discover a brand-new one, think about having an incentive space.

    You can also make the playroom a research room where your children can sit easily on the floor and do their home works then play later on.

    A terrific thing about a bonus room which is included during the initial building is you will certainly be able to finish it on your own speed. By having a bonus offer room, you will also enhance the value of your property once you prepare to sell it in the near future.

    Sidings, windows, doors, rooflines and elevations are among the visual factors to consider when including a bonus offer space to your home.

    It can be difficult to find a good contractor to replace that broken backsplash. However getting home remodeling barrington from AdvDesStudio can be quite simple if you know what you want. For more information on adv design renovates a kitchen in Crystal Lake ILLinois.

  5. Installing Skylight Windows

    by Mass Remodeling

    window treatmentsThe standard and practical ways of lighting and brightening up the house interiors or any other indoor areas is made possible through proven and checked ways such as setting up skylights or roofing system windows. This kind of interior illumination is actually exercised and observed for centuries and appears in popular infrastructures such as the Pantheon in Rome.

    In contemporary home ideas and concepts, skylights are becoming increasingly more favored by home owners especially those who are more amenable to natural lighting. This suggests and choices are quite helpful not just in saving on your electrical power costs however likewise in going for green houses and ideas.

    In order to understand even more about skylight installation for brightening your home interior areas, there are standard parts you ought to understand and get acquainted with. This choice is made use of for installation ideally in sloped ceilings around above the knee wall. It is likewise an excellent selection if you want to discover green and practical methods for appropriate home ventilation along with the visual value of modern-day and innovative roofing system windows alternatives.

    There are many homeowner who are rather skeptical about the process of installing skylights particularly in the idea of cutting holes in their roofings. Nevertheless, it is vital to comprehend that skylight installation is in fact much easier than when you really set up a window in your home.

    This is since many skylight designs come geared up with flashing systems which are made to efficiently seal the roofing system. There are many innovations in this category made to offer and develop and lug light effectively into the space while making sure that the property is safeguarded and kept in great condition.

    There are in fact two major kinds of skylights made use of in contemporary home ideas referred to as the curb mounted skylights and the frame in place variation.

    You may ask yourself is investing in wood windows smart? – a contractors perspective. If you’d like to learn more about windows for your skylights, please go to

  6. How to Seal Granite Countertops

    by Mass Remodeling

    kitchen tileWhile it could not be required, it is still something you might want to do to guarantee the view and allure of your granite kitchen counters. The factor some folks decide on not to close their granite counter tops is since granite itself is moisture-resistant.

    Testing to Identify If It Is Time

    Securing your countertops should be done concerning annually yet perhaps more, at least in some locations that acquire even more wear. In areas that get additional exposure to cooking oils, wines or various other destructive or tarnishing compounds, you might wish to seal your granite countertops a lot more frequently. It will prolong the life and appearance of your investment. To check if it is time for your kitchen counter to be resealed, attempt the water examination. If you require to seal it soon, by spilling simply a few declines you will be able to identify. If the water beads you can hang around, but if not it is time to reseal the counter tops.

    Dampen or wet a plain white paper towel or cotton dustcloth let it relax on the counter top for regarding 5 mins. Check your granite to see if it starts to soak up liquids rather compared to repel them.

    Steps to Securing Granite Countertops

    The first point you will certainly want to do is completely tidy your granite countertops. Locate a facial cleanser that is particular to this kind of kitchen counter and be specific to enable the granite lots of time to completely dry completely. The sealer you will certainly desire must be developed for granite and needs to be water resistant as well as resistant to oil-based blemishes.

    Comply with the directions that come with the item. Usually, operating in little areas functions ideal. You will wish to also allow a sufficient amount of time for drying just before placing anything on the kitchen counters or using them once more. Make certain you have plenty of air flow and air circulation while working on this and while standing by for the granite sealant to dry.

    It is up to you, typically, on whether you make use of a brush, dustcloth or towel to do the application. Generally, it takes around HALF AN HOUR or somewhat much less for the granite to soak up the sealer. Read the directions for your specific product to see if a second layer is suggested or needed. If so, it normally takes regarding 2 hrs for the granite countertops to be dry good enough momentarily layer.

    Keep in mind, this is a project you could do on your own or work with an expert to do. The degree of difficulty is low, yet it depends on how comfortable you feel doing it. In either case, closing granite countertops will revive the look and protection your counters need.

    While it could not be needed, it is still something you could wish to do to make certain the protection, view and allure of your granite counter tops. The factor some folks choose not to seal their granite counter tops is since granite itself is moisture-resistant. In areas that get more exposure to food preparation oils, wines or various other harmful or staining materials, you might want to seal your granite countertops a lot more typically. Find a cleanser that is particular to this kind of kitchen counter and be certain to permit the granite plenty of time to completely dry entirely. Either method, securing granite counter tops will certainly revitalize the view and security your counters require.